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  • 3 g Beta-Alanine for lactic acid buffering effect
  • Helps sustain energy & focus for long
  • Consume 1 scoop before workouts
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Greater focus and alert
  • Promotes muscle protein synthesis

INR 1399


Synergies that work

Exerfit Preworkout includes ingredients that complement one another to prime the body for intense workouts, making it a complete pre-workout supplement. When it comes to supplement formulation, it is important to understand how synergies work. Certain ingredients work well when combined with other ingredients.

  • No Proprietary blends
    All Exerfit pre workout ingredients are clearly listed on the label with exact amounts. You deserve to know exactly what ingredients, and how much of each, are in the product you buy. Proprietary blends serve the purpose of hiding what’s in the product. We think you deserve to know exactly what ingredients and how much of each are in the supplement.
    Energy. Focus. Stamina.
    Exerfit pre workout will help you stay energised, focused & sustain for long with ingredients that promote ENERGY, FOCUS, and STAMINA and prove to be the best high-performance training fuel.
  • Nutrients Vs stimulants
    Exerfit pre workout will spearhead your growth efforts with nutrients, that ignite protein synthesis to help you build more lean muscle.

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